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Rockfish Revival

In 2020, we updated our mobeil app MyCatch to include Rockfish Conservation Area maps so anglers could easily see if they were in an RCA using their GPS.  We also added instructions for how to release rockfish using descending devices, and an ID chart for the 30+ species of Rockfish on BC's coast.

Photo Credits: Tristan Blaine/CCIRA

About Rockfish Revival

Enhancing rockfish recovery through citizen science, outreach and field experiments. There are four main objectives for the project.

  1. Improving angler awareness about the project

  2. Generating research data for rockfish from anglers

  3. Studying how effective descending devices are in rockfish recovery

  4. Analysing the effect on rockfish communication after release.

What is Rockfish Revival?

New Rules and New Tools when catching Rockfish in BC

  • There are new rules for rockfish in BC. 

  • Any rockfish that are not being kept, must be immediately released to the water and descending to a similar depth at which they were caught.

  • This means you need to carry a descending device on your boat. 

New Rules
What tools do I need?



Attaches to the jaw and releases the fish from a manually-triggered clamp at the chosen depth.




Attaches to the jaw and automatically releases when a depth setting on the device is reached.


Inverted Weighted

Hook (barbless)

Attaches to the jaw and when the correct depth is reached and the line is tugged, a recovered rockfish will swim away.

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Download the MyCatch Mobile App

  • Free Ocean maps

  • Rockfish Conservation Areas shown

  • Fishing regulations

  • Offline maps 

Participating Researchers
Participating Researchers

Natalie Ban

University of Victoria

Sean Simmons

President of Angler's Atlas

Dana Haggarty

Fisheries and Oceans

Paul Venturelli

Ball State University

Francis Jaunes

University of Victoria

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